Mobile mapping solutions for small tourism businesses

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Mobile mapping solutions for small tourism businesses

The Mapkins Team

Five-year experience in GIS development for off-road routing

Prof. Guy Shakhar
Twelve years as research team leader, fund-raiser and public speaker at the Weizmann Institute, specialized in analysis of spatiotemporal and statistical data. An avid mountain biker and mapper.
Zeev Stadler
MSc from the Technion. >25 year experience in software development, >20 years managing software development teams in Intel, Ceva, and others. A committed 4x4 driver and skipper.
Harel Mazor
BSc in physics & computer science from the Technion. >10 years in software development.
Team leader at Nova Measuring Instruments.
A die-hard hiker.

Past project: Israel Hiking Maps

The leading site in Israel for outdoor trip planning
User community

Key analytics for Apr. ‘19

  Sessions: 160K

  Users: 91K

  Bounce rate: 65%

  Session duration: 3.5 min


What users say about Israel Hiking Maps

Our trip planning website and app

"Bottom line,
it is the best OpenStreetMap site in the world in terms of capabilities."

Ronen Bitan

"A great useful site,
all my outings out of the comfort zone start here, chapeau!"


Dror Levanon

"A killer site!
It serves me almost every time I go off-road
(on bike or foot)."


Eli Green

"As someone who has been dealing with maps and hiking routes, dirt bikes and jeeps for many years, your site is excellent and I have moved to use it almost exclusively. Thank you and the staff"

Tamid Sameyach

"It’s “the” site. I work with it on a daily basis – the most convenient and accurate there is – the only site you can upload several tracks to and sew them together."

Eyal Haver

"You are amazing. Waiting for you to issue this version for other countries...
I guide trips on a weekly basis and I plan mainly with your map. Thanks!"

Ariel Orgad

How we can help your tourism business

Our company provides custom-made mobile mapping solutions 

  • Get a branded app of your own at a low cost

  • Enhance your customers experience and satisfaction

  • Direct your customers to business partners such as restaurants

  • Save precious time for your employees

  • Analyze your customers behavior and satisfaction as they travel


An Investment Opportunity

An experienced team

Seasoned developers with a proven track record in GIS and UI development and a highly successful B2C project

An urgent need

No other solution for the small business owners in tourism that need to share routes and destinations with their guests

A Clear business plan

A B2B business model with clearly defined sources of revenue and potential large companies that may be interested in the mature startup

A Large market

Hotels: >28 M listings in

Rooms: >5M Airbnb listings

Travel agents: >100K

Tourist info offices: >100K

Outdoor rental shops: >50K bikes, skis, jeeps, canoes...

Parks: >10K

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